#1 Reason Why the Rainbow Loom Ban Proves Yet Again That When You Tell Children “NO” It Makes Them Want To Say “Yes” Even More: The Streisand Effect



It’s called the Striesand Effect people.

It’s called psychology.

It’s called HUMAN NATURE.


As teachers, I know you know it’s time to refer to Teaching 101 for Dummies or Parenting 101 for Dummies!

Why do so many school officials ignore human nature when trying to curb children’s behavior?

Unless you have a surefire way of preventing ALL or almost ALL occurrences of the behaviors you want to ban, then don’t do it.

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Be more strategic.  Manage it.  Welcome it within certain limitations.  Do something.  Just don’t ban it if you know you can’t enforce the ban.  (And even if you can enforce the ban, don’t do it unless you want to immediately create a deviant subculture in your school!)

And when it comes to young people, you have committed the Forbidden Rule:  ”That which I forbid, you will now want the most.”  And you’ve just armed the rebels with another weapon to annoy you with.

Bottomline,  I don’t know how the Upper West Side Elementary School Principal regrets the Rainbow Loom Bracelet ban, but I damn sure know Rainbow Loom is doing well, and the students are now even crazier about it.

Next time, try a teachable moment.

Later Teachtees,


P.S.  Teachable Moments (off-the-top)

  1. Entrepreneurship Project (Technology/Elective)
  2. Art Project (Art)
  3. Narratives on Friendship (ELA)
  4. Character Education:  Altruism (Health/Electives)
  5. Measurement (Math)
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