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Dear Christina,

My school has a teacher dress code.  I’m really annoyed by it because I avoided working in a corporate office just because I didn’t want to wear a suit and tie.  Also, I feel like students respond to me better when I dress casually, as opposed to a stuffy-I-take-my-job-way-too-seriously-look.  I need to be comfortable because I’m on my feet all day.  But I also lack the time and energy to shop and keep up with my teacher wardrobe.  What do you recommend?


Trying To Build Teacher Swag


Dear Trying To Build Teacher Swag,

It is possible to adhere to your school’s dress code, be professional, and be comfortable.  But first, do you even know what your school’s policy is?  Check it out first, so you know what parameters you are working within.

Everyone has a different idea about what is “appropriate” for work.  I’ve worked in a school wear some sheer outfits and skirt hems turned heads.  What matters, however, is that you are not violating any written code, that you feel comfortable, and that you are certain that you are setting a good model for your students about dressing for work.  If you can’t be assured of these three points, then you need to reevaluate your attire.

Teachers, ditch the flashdrive. Get Dropbox and you will never regret it.

For those of us who are pressed for time and lack the funds to stock a wardrobe full of the latest fashions, I would recommend Gwynnie Bee, or a similar clothing share cycling program.

Gwynnie Bee is just like an at-home DVD subscription to Netflix.  When you sign up with Gwynnie Bee using my special discount code by clicking here, you will get access to thousands of clothing, that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY.  Simply pay the monthly subscription fee, fill your online closet, wear the clothes sent to you, and then return it to the nearest blue USPS mailbox in your neighborhood.

Confident teaching is engaging teaching!  Do you want to project a certain image so that you feel confident in front of the classroom and students feel confident in you?  Let’s face it, how you look is non-verbal communication.  I’ve felt like a ton of crap inside on some occasions, but my students wouldn’t know it by looking at me.  I’ve had compliments on some of my most depressing days!  But I believe in the mantras, “You can feel like a mess, but don’t look it!” or “Never let them see you sweat!”

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Appearance matters.



P.S.  Clothing will boost your confidence, but not your respect.  YOU require and command respect.  Clothing can get your foot in the “respect” door, but you have to do 99% of the work!!

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